Litho and digital printing

The quality of digital printing is as good as litho print. The differences in the two types are basically defined by the following:

Digital printing

  • Smaller Print Runs: You can have your leaflets, brochures and marketing products printed in short runs or on-demand – this is ideal if you need to amend the information to your print on a regular basis, or need to eliminate warehousing costs.

  • Reduced Set up costs: Because there are no plate charges or setup costs with digital printing you gain the opportunity to test various packaging designs to determine their appeal and effectiveness with your customers.

  • Versatile print: We can use our digital machines to print onto a wide range of materials. Machines allow stock from 80-300gsm, which means we can print leaflets, business cards, flyers, multi page booklets and much more.

Litho printing

  • Print Colours: With litho printing you can print fluorescent and metallic colours – you also have the added bonus of using pantone colours (spot colours) to ensure you get the exact colour match that you require in your printing. Tints and blocks of colour also benefit from a better finish with litho printing.

  • Materials: With most digital machines the heaviest stock you can run is approximately 300gsm, yet with litho you have the option to print on heavier materials. Litho also has an advantage with fine stock over digital.

  • Press Speed: With most modern day litho presses production speeds in excess of 15,000 sheets per hour can be achieved, equating to 250 sheets per minute whereas the fastest digital machines achieve approximately 100 sheets per minute.

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