Web site statistics

We offer an online web site statistics solutions for monitoring the traffic on web sites so that the client can monitor the performance of their site. The information gathered with the statistical reports include information like how many visitors you had to your site, how many of these visitors was an unique visitor, how many pages they viewed, how many hits that generated and how much bandwidth that used. This information is further broken down into how many visits, etc. per day your site received and what the hourly breakdown of the visits consists of. There is also information on which hosts from which countries visited the site most often. This information is complied in a very organised layout using graphs, bar charts and pie charts to make the data more understandable.

The most important information that can be gathered from the web statistics is the keywords and key phrases used by visitors to search for your site, which search engines linked the most visitors to your site and how many of the search engines scanned your site so they can index the site in their directories.

The information contained in the web statistics can be used very productively to make changes to your keywords and Meta tags to improve your ratings with search engines. It also tells you what pages are very popular that helps to determine what type of information visitors are accessing on your site.

Some screenshots of our online statistics solutions:

Website statistics provided by AW Stats

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