Web Development

Web development is a broad term that incorporates all areas of developing a web site for the World Wide Web. This can include graphic web design, actual coding of pages, backend programming, and web server configuration.

Website development stretches beyond web design

Web development is about creating customised applications that address the specific needs of your business in order to provide a strong, unique, and adaptable web presence in order to create a gateway for business opportunities. Each new project demands a customised model incorporating tailored designs, layouts and applications.

The Internet impacts all areas of private, business and public administration. It affects the way companies think and how they interact with their suppliers, employees and customers. Catgraphics has experience in the integration, application and facilitation of web integration services. We can offer robust, flexible and secure networks that will meet the clients’ local and international messaging requirements.

Your website is possibly your most important business partner
We aim to produce strategically designed web sites, which will give our clients an edge over their competition. Websites are judged by their appearance, effectiveness, user friendliness, speed and functionality. Each site is tailor made to fit the clients’ budget and requirements.

  • In achieving this goal, we propose that the following will take place:
  • Graphic Design: Graphic design of Joomla! Template incorporating visual design elements in accordance to the organisation’s CI manual.
  • Site map: A site map to illustrate functionality and the orientation of the website pages
  • Joomla! Installation and Database Setup: Installation of Joomla! and an associated database onto the server, this also covers all configuration needs.
  • Template Development: Programming of the template design into a functional Joomla! Template. This will incorporate navigation according to the sitemap, which will be included in the project specification document as well as appropriate Internet development standards.
  • CSS Development: Programming of the various CSS (style sheets) required for managing the colours you use, the formatting you choose, as well as typefaces, fonts, and placement of text and pictures on the pages.
  • Component Development: Programming of the various components required for functionality into functional Joomla! components.
  • Module Development: Programming of the various modules required for functionality into functional Joomla! modules.
  • Migration of content: Migration of the existing content and images from the existing old website into the Joomla! CMS.
  • Creation of content: Creation of new content and images into the Joomla! CMS.
  • Testing

Value-added services

  • Web blogs
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Forums
  • Calendars
  • RSS feeds
  • Mobi sites
  • Bulk Emailers
  • Bulk SMS
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