Our operational practices

| Personal Supervision |
As far as possible, the Managing Director of Catgraphics oversee every project. Senior key personnel will be appointed (full or part time) to handle specific elements of a project, depending on the need.

| Written Brief |
From brief received in writing whereby all specifications, quantities, delivery dates etc. of a job are clearly outlined, we will put together and present a detailed quotation based on that brief. Any changes to the brief might have an effect on the quoted price and could be adjusted accordingly.

| Quotations |
All quotations will consist of a detailed breakdown. All prices will include Value Added Tax and the rate stated. A mark-up will be added to work outsourced.

| Orders |
On approval of quotations, an official written order will be expected before we will proceed, or when a client sign in the space provided on the quotation, it will be accepted as a written order.

| Production Schedule |
After the quotation has been approved and signed or an official order received, we will present a production schedule for approval, which will clearly outline timelines, required to produce a certain job. Any deviation from the schedule might result in timelines moving forward.

| Contact Reports |
After each meeting a contact report will be compiled outlining the discussion and a copy of that will be e-mailed to client.

| Progress Reports |
During the course of production, regular progress reports will be supplied.

| Confidentiality |
Catgraphics has the necessary confidentiality agreements with both staff and subcontractors in place. All materials received from a client will be considered as confidential.

| Storage |
Catgraphics owns a unique secure online storage solution: mystoreroom. A written agreement is required regarding the storage of digital and other work created for the client. Without this agreement Catgraphics will not be obliged to store any work created for a client. We offer this online solution, whereby digital copies of work are stored and easy, secure access provided for the client.

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