As a professional through-the-line graphic design, advertising, communications and web development agency founded in 1989, Catgraphics offers a full and comprehensive range of services, with the ability to tailor its services to suit the specific communications, advertising, design or web needs of all clients both large and small.

With the key focus on understanding your business, originality and cost-effectiveness, Catgraphics is sure to provide the best service, with all aspects of the business environment in mind.

Operating out of a Randburg (Johannesburg) office with in-house web development, DTP and design facilities, Catgraphics also uses a large network of professionals in different disciplines to produce a high quality product engineered to each client’s specific needs.

What we can offer you

A creative ‘results-orientated’ approach to maintain the uniqueness of the solutions we offer our clients.

Our focus is on | strategy | originality | cost-effectiveness | quality |

in the disciplines of | graphic design | advertising | communications | web development | media | PR | brand development |

This means we provide the best service with all aspects of the business environment in mind.

We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach that enables us to provide excellent service delivery – within budget and on time!

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