Our culture


To create a ‘place’ where unlimited creative resources can be cross-pollinated in order to broaden our clients’ perceptions as to what they have to offer in productive, sustainable and cost-effective ways.



As a professional through-the-line graphic design, advertising, communications and web development agency founded in 1989, Catgraphics offers a full and comprehensive range of services, with the ability to tailor its services to suit the specific communications, advertising, design or web needs of all clients both large and small.

With the key focus on understanding your business, originality and cost-effectiveness, Catgraphics is sure to provide the best service, with all aspects of the business environment in mind.

Operating out of a Randburg (Johannesburg) office with in-house web development, DTP and design facilities, Catgraphics also uses a large network of professionals in different disciplines to produce a high quality product engineered to each client’s specific needs.

What we can offer you

A creative ‘results-orientated’ approach to maintain the uniqueness of the solutions we offer our clients.

Our focus is on | strategy | originality | cost-effectiveness | quality |

in the disciplines of | graphic design | advertising | communications | web development | media | PR | brand development |

This means we provide the best service with all aspects of the business environment in mind.

We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach that enables us to provide excellent service delivery – within budget and on time!

Who we are


As a professional through-the-line graphic design, advertising, communication and web development agency, we offer a full and comprehensive range of services to our clients, both large and small. 

Our focus is on:

  • strategy
  • originality
  • cost-effectiveness
  • quality

What makes us tick


To create a 'place' where unlimited creative resources can be cross-pollinated in order to broaden our clients' perceptions as to what they have to offer in productive, sustainable and cost-effective ways.


To provide personal, professional, through-the-line creative solutions of the highest quality with a key focus on strategy, originality and practicality to meet clients diverse needs. These needs will be met through best service and state-of-the-art equipment and methods, directly related to cost-effective results. This approach ensures our unique positioning in the market thus enhancing the welfare of our employees and the agencyís future growth.

Philosophy and culture

As a team we are dedicated, passionate and proactive, we constantly review and assess the performance of our clients' brands to ensure that we are achieving results. We also analyse ourselves to make sure that our business sense is honed, our creativity is sharp and our abilities are always challenged. We have developed models to ensure we maintain our competitive edge by maximising both the left and the right sides of our collective brain. Which has resulted in our extraordinary capacity for:

  • generating ideas
  • intellectual courage
  • mental flexibility
  • abstract thought
  • effective thinking
  • positive thinking
  • sense of humour (fun)


Our resources

Our agency is centrally located in Randburg and is easily accessible from all major roads.

Our services are fully cross-platform in terms of technology and our


Our policies

| Equal opportunities |  
Although Catgraphics is an SMMe, we create an environment of sustainable diversity and offer opportunities for advancement. We recognise that employees of all racial groups have a right to equal


Our experience

Our exceptional mix of talents, skills and experience, provides an unusually wide range of professional services. We will handle part of the job or all of it – from concept, strategy and budgets to the finished end product.


Where we are

Directions from Pretoria on the N1:

  • Take the Malibongwe Road (previously Hans Strijdom Drive) Turn-off and turn left.
  • Go straight for about 5km.
  • Turn left into Hill street. (you will see a Virgin Active on your right and a McDonalds on your left)
  • Go straight until you reach the T-junction (you will see the SARS building on the left corner and a SASOL building on the right corner)
  • Stay in the far right hand lane and turn right into Kent Avenue.
  • Turn right into the first building, clearly marked 312 Kent Ave.
  • We are on the 4th floor.

Our employee owned trust

Catgraphics has been successfully converted from a Closed Corporation to a Private Company as of 15 June 2006, and an Employee Owned Trust has been registered to facilitate 25% ownership of the company by its employees and to further enable the company to improve on the facilitation of the Economic Empowerment of its Black Employees. This initiative will provide every employee the opportunity to acquire an interest in the company's equity and to promote an identity of interest between the employees and the shareholders in the Company.

Catgraphics' board that represent the shareholders currently consist of one white female with 75% voting rights and one black female, representing 25% of the Employee Owned Trust's voting rights.

Our operational practices

| Personal Supervision |
As far as possible, the Managing Director of Catgraphics oversee every project. Senior key personnel will be appointed (full or part time) to handle specific elements of a project, depending on the need.


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